Community Art Projects

I started out working on community art projects in Northern Ireland, replacing murals and continue to work with local groups on a wide variety of activities. Since that time I moved to Derbyshire and have been commission to create various local history information boards

  • Working with Youth groups
  • Schools
  • Community art work
  • Historical information boards


  • Matlock Town information board
  • Brakenfield Village information board
  • Shankill Women’s Centre Children’s playground
  • Antiville village murals
  • Carlisle Health Centre commissioned for a series of pictures
  • Broughshane street banners and town logo
  • Carrickfergus design of badge for Orange Order
  • Bellaghy children’s 100m playground wall mural
  • Sunnylands, working with children to produce an illustrated book
  • Belfast Children’s Home for a series of pictures.

Dubey Doodles

I started out doing hand drawn doodles in 2016, as I looked to get more involved in social media. Since then, it has developed into a bigger area of work, with some of the favorites featuring on merchandise.

Doodle Commissions

I create personalised book illustration like doodles from photos, creating either a comic book style series with comical captions, or one off doodles. Framed, these make a wonderful unique personalised gift.

girl boy dad doodle picture commissioned

Here’s some of my early doodles, some of which feature on greetings cards.